Our Beliefs

In 2016, after a process of consultation in the church, St John's adopted the Jerusalem Declaration as our statement of faith, as a way of recognising our unity with faithful brothers and sisters around the world.



Our Core Values

We value and are committed to…

  • Believing, teaching, learning from and living by the Word of God (Bible)
  • Proclaiming the Gospel, making and maturing disciples of Christ (Evangelism and Discipleship)
  • Loving, supporting, challenging, caring for and learning from each other regardless of our age (Fellowship and Pastoral Care)
  • Accountability in relationships (Integrity)
  • Developing a clear direction for our future and being willing to change and grow (Leadership)
  • Loving God, our neighbours and our fellow Christians especially through generosity, sacrifice, forgiveness and reconciliation (Love and Generosity)
  • Depending on God in everything we do, and so growing a culture of prayer, both individually and corporately as the foundation of our ministry (Prayer)
  • Serving our local community with Christ’s love and compassion, being creative in our outreach (Service)
  • Growing together in our unity as a church in Christ and his truth, and helping every church member take their part in our ministry and mission (Unity)
  • Warmly and genuinely welcoming everyone: regular members and newcomers, and working to enable each person to play their part in our church (Welcoming)
  • Joyfully praising, obeying, listening to, depending on, and offering ourselves to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in both our church community and individual living (Worship)